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William (021) 185-2014

"Cool Your Wall", a unique way to add style to your space.

As well as shop fit out, we help to source curios and hard to find items that take your shop fit to the next level.

We offer two ways of doing this.

First of all, we find the objects you desire and include them into your shop fit outs to take.

In addition we also offer “Cool Your Wall” a unique way to let the customer know you try harder. Furthermore this option is perfect for small business where the customer has a small waiting time like cafes, barbershops, hairdressers and eateries.

We can swap curios items in and out in as often as liked, keeping a fresh look in your shop as a result a happier, intrigued customer. 

Daria, Event manager Littlewolf

“We are an Event Management Company by heart and always look for those unique props no one else will be able to showcase. We are able to rent them from William for our amazing event decorations. From vintage signs up to bespoke built structures, he will be able to give you a hand and will satisfy you with the outcome. We look already forward to our next collaboration with Team Kiwi Construction again”.

What we Stock

With a wide range of curios antiques and collectibles in stock, including but not limited too

First of all “Kiwiana” cultural items, significant NZ brands, Maori, Pacifica and Taxidermy. 

“Industrial Items” Lighting, shelving, tables and seating.

Also “advertising” Old New Zealand advertising, Tins and signs of all sizes. Old food tins, oil tins and even antique gas pumps, which look great in any clothes store.

“Bottles” ranging from the 1860’s to 1950’s. A wide range of colours available to choice from. These really pop with an LED light strip behind them.

And framed antique local maps.

Furthermore we can proudly say we do not supply any reproductions to our customers and believe we can find anything.

We also have a shop fitting service, please use the following link. Shop Fit Outs

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